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Taking our democracy back, state by state

What is Fight for Reform?

The Supreme Court’s 2010 decision in Citizens United v. F.E.C. completely changed the landscape of American politics, opening the door for billionaires, corporations, and special interests to spend unlimited, untraceable money to influence our elections.

We’re fighting back. Fight For Reform, a state-level project of End Citizens United, is working to reform our broken campaign finance system at the local level. We're connecting grassroots activists to ballot initiatives that will bring transparency and accountability to local elections. We’ve done the legwork of identifying where our supporters can have a real impact -- now we need your support!

Winning these campaigns doesn't just help end the corrupting influence of money in their state, it sends a national message: it’s time to take our Democracy back.


Missouri’s politicians have failed to live up to a high ethical standard, and the result has been waves of scandals and a flood of dark money into state politics. Missourians won’t stand for it anymore.

The Clean Missouri Initiative is designed to:

  • Put into place fair, reasonable contribution limits
  • Close loopholes where millionaires can skirt limits through pass-through committees
  • End the whopping amount of lobbyist gifts to politicians
  • Stop the revolving door that lets politicians become lobbyists shortly after their term ends

The Clean Missouri initiative is Fight For Reform’s first endorsement for the 2018 election. You can read our full endorsement here.

End Citizens United

Established March 1st, 2015, End Citizens United is a Political Action Committee funded by grassroots donors. We are dedicated to countering the disastrous effects of Citizens United and reforming our campaign finance system.

We’ll show elected officials, candidates, voters, and the press that the grassroots are fighting back with force against the increasing brazenness of billionaires trying to buy our elections.