Fight For Reform New Hampshire focuses on electing champions of campaign finance reform and securing voting rights for all Granite Staters.


We’re excited to support reform champions as they work to unrig our broken system. 


There are many ways to take action on your own time and from the comfort of your own home. Explore our ways to get involved today. 

Contact your elected officials

Email your congressional representatives or top state elections officials and tell them that Americans shouldn’t have to choose between their health and their right to vote.

Join our texting program 

Join us each week on Tuesday evenings to learn how to send Hustle texts for End Citizens United and Let America Vote.

Write a Letter to the Editor

Submitting a letter to the editor is easy, effective, and a great way to highlight the need for our top elections officials to take the COVID-19 pandemic seriously by prioritizing the health and safety of voters without compromising the integrity of our elections.


New Hampshire Reform Agenda

The Fight for Reform New Hampshire Agenda is organized into four policy areas in need of reform: money in politics, voting rights, redistricting, and other broad changes to how Concord works.

New Hampshire Candidate Questionnaire

The candidate questionnaire, as well as past and current votes, statements, and actions on campaign finance issues will be used to inform our candidate endorsement process.

How to Register to Vote

We know our democracy works best when more people, not fewer, are able to make their voices heard. Make sure you are registered to vote or confirm your voter registration.